Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Long Week

Isn't it funny that I feel like this week is one that will never end? It occurred to me tonight that it is because we have had so many days off for snow days and mid winter breaks and holidays, that we haven't had a full, five-day week in ages! How spoiled we are! By we, of course, I mean me!;0)

We look forward to the coming of March, but I am not fooled by the balmy temperatures in the 20's. They say we should rejoice, like twenty degrees is a sure sign that spring is coming. What is the matter with these weather people? Have they lost their collective mind? I say getting excited about the upper twenties is like getting excited when gas dips, gasp, below $3.00 a gallon! Who do they think they are kidding, anyway! :0)

It is far too cold to sit at my computer, so I am off to find a thick blanket and an even thicker book to read! Happy Wednesday friends!

P.S. Don't forget to kiss all your loved ones today/tonight. Tell them you love them. It is not enough for them to just know it. They need to hear it! We won't regret having said it too much!

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Shannon said...

Oh, I wish I was snuggled under a blanket in the chair next to yours reading an equally good book... with the fire on...drinking hot chocolate...listening to the laughter of our six kids floating up from the basement...looking at the lake...knowing our handsome husbands are in the other room talking about sports.... Shall I continue? MISS YOU!