Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Okay - so I am already behind because I had planned to update every Wednesday night and I missed it last night! Oops! For what it is worth, it was an extraordinarily busy day and I was just happy to make it through in one piece! I spent the morning speaking at a MOPS meeting about an hour and a half from here and the treacherous roads made the morning trip about two and a half hours long. Praise God, I made it safely and the talk went very well. It was well received and the ladies were very receptive and gracious! The topic of the talk was Loving and Encouraging Your Husband, and the timing, so near to Valentine's Day, was perfect. Thanks to all who prayed. It is humbling to be used this way, and the responsibility I felt to share the Truth while I had the platform was a little lighter burden knowing I was being upheld in prayer!

As for today, the balmy temperatures, which have been in the mid-twenties, have been a welcomed reprieve from the sub-zero temperatures that have been ravaging our days of late! The weather people are predicting more snow tonight, and I am beginning to wonder where they will put it when they plow!

Enjoy this special day, and take a moment to kiss your spouse and your kiddos and the other loved ones in your life and count them as the blessings that they are...

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