Saturday, September 22, 2012

One woman's trash...

Don't you just love yard sales? I find that I get a special little thrill when I visit a great sale, one where the front-yard proprietress has a well-stocked lawn, an organized inventory and an abundance of old wooden chairs and trunks - these last two items make me stop every time! This summer, we had a treasure sale at our house and we donated all the proceeds to our school. God was so good! We had good weather, lots of shoppers, and made about $1400 in two days. We prayed for a God-size, loaves and fishes kind of math when we counted our dollars and piles of coins, and that is what He did!
I thought I'd share some great strategies that worked for us: 1 - great signage and merchandising - we laid it all out in "departments" and had cute signs on every table to catch the eye of browsers 2 - great food - our kids sold baked goods (cookies, banana bread, brownies) and coffee and lemonade and they made about $120! 3 - price to sell - we were more concerned about what people would spend, not what the items might be "worth" 4 - Be organized and clean - clothes hung on racks and when needed, sat in bins marked by size - all clothes were $1 per piece to save us having to price each item. Coats were $5 5 - Put big items by the road - these are the things that get people to stop Though we did our sale in the summer, autumn is still a great time to hold a treasure sale. I think it is ALWAYS a great time to purge those closets, too!