Saturday, March 29, 2008


I will try not to be redundant, as I just sent an email to many of you who will read this. We are sitting in London Heathrow (I can't believe I am in England!) The boys are doing exceptonally well. Both were able to get some sleep on the flight from Chicago. The adults had a more difficult time, but we are all fine and thrilled to be this far along. I am struck by the diverse languages swirling around us and the diverse dress we see at every turn. The wide variety of strange snack foods is also fun, and I know this is only the beginning. I love this! More soon...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring has sprung!

In spite of a still-frozen body of water outside my windows and the twelve inches of snow in my front yard, it is officialy spring and I say praise God for that! Since my brain and my life are functioning in a highly list-oriented world. I thought I would share a list today in this spot, in addition to the many lists of favorites to the right of this blog.

Some things we learned in this family this week:

1. A full night of sleep is precious and not to be taken for granted!

This week, many nights were interrupted by either a little one in tears (even though I told him we are well past that stage, he wanted to revisit it for three nights :0)and pager (and an ER) on a rampage.

2. My nine year-old is smarter than me (okay - this is not really news).

This week, when he finished reading the book of Revelation, he said he had a couple of questions. I said, "Just a couple?" ;0) After two conversations (one with me and one with another person much smarter than me) he was satisfied. that's all it took. Go figure.

3. Some songs still bring me to tears.

The first song on this blog's playlist is a perfect example. I think I'll pick her voice to be what I will sound like in heaven! :0) I do get to pick, right?! Another is Agnes Dei (by Michael W. Smith, but it was a congregational song on Sunday and I couldn't make it through the whole thing.) This is what it will be like singing in heaven, I am sure of it! Another one that gets me, is Voice of Truth. I always liked it, but the other night, my litle reader of Revelation told me it is one of his favorite songs. Then, the next day we sang it at AWANA. It turned me into a puddle to see him sing it with all his heart. That song will never be the same for me.

4. I still really like my husband!

Sometimes I still feel like a teenager, just falling in love with him. Monday night I watched a good movie and it hit me about fifteen minutes into it that I hated to have any sort of fun without him, even if it was simply enjoying a movie I knew he would like! (go ahead, you can call me a sap, I can take it!)

5. Things change.

Whether it is seasons or socks, where we live or what we wear, change is a big part of our daily lives. My daughter has mastered (okay - about 90% of the time) the art of putting her shoes on the right feet. My little one now can, and alway wants to, use silverware. My first grader can read more words today than he could yesterday. New friends move away. Ice and snow melt away (hallelujah!). Now, let's hope my winter waistline will do the same!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today was one of those days when I needed my tennis shoes on to keep me movin'. It was a full, busy day, and, like the whole week really, it sometimes felt like I was taking two steps forward, one step back all day long. Ever have one of those days? I know I accomplished much, but I am left feeling like the man in Robert Frost's poem from last week, with "miles to go before I sleep." We are about to embark on a trip to Africa, and the preparations are many. However, the day to day stuff is still there, so the minutes sail by on a swift current and often pass in a blur. I find myself ever-so thankful for lists, and laptops, and little red cans of Coke! ;0)

In the midst of the hurried plans of this big event, I don't want to miss the ordinary. My six year-old lost a tooth yesterday (pictures to follow soon). My baby is speaking simple, simple sentences ("mama, more ball" which means "mama please get the ball that has fallen beyond my reach"). My daughter is going with one grandma to her first play on Saturday (Cinderella) and she is wearing her special, princess dress, handmade by her other grandma. My oldest is avidly trying to learn as much French as he can in the next two weeks because they speak French in Togo. He's nine, but knowing him, he will be conversing like a pro!

My wish and my prayer for you this week is the same one I pray for myself. May the monotony of our busy, daily lives be sprinkled with moments so ordinary and yet so memorable that we sit up and take notice. May we be full of big plans, because God has big plans for us, and may we be touched by the simple, because He cares about the smallest things, too.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Webster's defines the word extravagant as "unrestrained, especially in relation to feelings." I love the thought that God's love for me is unrestrained. To be unrestrained means to hold nothing back. It amazes me that He would love me this way. It does not surprise me, however, because I see evidence of His extravagance all around me. I see it in the faces of my children, open and trusting. I feel it in the love I have for my husband; sometimes he still takes my breath away! I see God's extravagance in the joy my children have in their grandparents, full of exuberance. I experience it every day when He provides my daily bread and there are baskets-ful remaining when we've had our fill. His extravagance in loving me is clear as the hearts of my friends reach out to mine over many miles. Most importantly, though, I experience His lack of restraint in loving me in that His Son died for me, lives for me, interceeds for me, and His Spirit resides in me. What wondrous love is this, oh, my soul.

May you know His extravagant love today.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Day Out

It was about twenty degrees and overcast, snow covered just about everything, and the ice was thick on the beach on Saturday when we went to explore. Armed with snow pants and boots rather than sunscreen and towels, the kids thought they were on the grandest adventure! We could have done this on our local beach, but we decided to spend a rare Saturday off in another great little lakeside town up north a bit and it truly felt like a day away. The big boys were fearless, often getting a little too close to the waters' edge for my comfort, their sister right behind them, but they obeyed well and made the day even better by their great behavior and adventurous spirits. The little one wasn't sure what to think, and any time we put him down on his own, he just stood there, all stiff and bundled in his snow suit. So cute! We ate (first there was steaming hot chocolate) at a great little restaurant and just had a great, fun-filled day! See our pictures below...make sure you see the one at the bottom of the page - great shot of the ice in the boat launch!