Monday, March 3, 2008

Day Out

It was about twenty degrees and overcast, snow covered just about everything, and the ice was thick on the beach on Saturday when we went to explore. Armed with snow pants and boots rather than sunscreen and towels, the kids thought they were on the grandest adventure! We could have done this on our local beach, but we decided to spend a rare Saturday off in another great little lakeside town up north a bit and it truly felt like a day away. The big boys were fearless, often getting a little too close to the waters' edge for my comfort, their sister right behind them, but they obeyed well and made the day even better by their great behavior and adventurous spirits. The little one wasn't sure what to think, and any time we put him down on his own, he just stood there, all stiff and bundled in his snow suit. So cute! We ate (first there was steaming hot chocolate) at a great little restaurant and just had a great, fun-filled day! See our pictures below...make sure you see the one at the bottom of the page - great shot of the ice in the boat launch!

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Bill said...


You might not even remember us. You were very young when we ministered to you and your Mom. We are now at Shepherds in WI.

I just received the address of your blog. You are a great writer. Even better your interest in mission is fantastic. We have a common friend in the Mills. Mary Jo was at each of our kids' births in GH.

It is very satifying to see how you have turned out and have married well. Your interest in missions and your hearts desire...fantastic.

If you still can't place us ask your Mom, Sue or your aunts Sandy or Chris. Chip might have a few words to fill in too.

Blessings on all that you do.

Seeking to Comminicate Compassion,

Bill and Nancy (formerly Pastor Bill)

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Amstutz
President...and still a servant