Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No time

Thought I'd share a list of stuff for which I don't have time (but I must be brief!)

Clean my closet (even though it is currently more of a "walk on" than a "walk in"

Empty the junk drawer (shouldn't this be easy since, by definition, it is all just junk anyway?)

Clean the Jell-o off the middle refrigerator shelf (it spilled and is now a permanent fixture)

Re-Paint my toenails (this might not seem important, but it is. For now, I keep touching up the ends!)

Wash windows (the forty small fingers and forty small toes -yes, toes- and slobbery dog are winning)

Get the laptop fixed (the tech guy actually asked me if there was anything important on it - do they not know what computers are for? If there was nothing important on it, why would I care if it didn't work?)

Pray (okay this doesn't matter, because I can't afford not to pray, so I make time. Praise God that He stretches the minutes I spend with Him when I make it a priority!)

Waste (yup - no time to waste! My kids are here now. They need me and they won't wait for all the other stuff to get done. My marriage requires my active participation, my efforts, my commitment, my devotion. My Lord bids me to come as well. He is not impressed with my busy schedule. I must lay it all at the feet of the Savior and trust Him with what's next.)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall Decorations

My daughter helped me put out fall decorations this week. She was much more excited than I. I was sad to put away treasures and traces of summer. I was a bit grumpy about saying goodbye to long hot days full of sunshine and swimming and sand between my toes! She was simply excited to help me do a job. It made her feel big and special and useful. Her days seem to stretch out before her with no end in sight, and, if anything, she would rush them along if she could, while I plan to cling to my flip-flops until the snow flies! Her little person brain has no idea that the passage of time seems to speed up at an alarming rate as we get older. For her, it is just fun to see each new day, each new season unfold in front of her and she is often impatient to get to the next new something! So, she eagerly helped me remove an assortment of glass bottles and shells and driftwood and other summertime treasures from the mantle and replace them with grapevine pumpkins entwined with twinkle lights and faux berry garland in shades of cinnamon and nutmeg and clove. An interesting thing kept happening along the way, however. She repeatedly asked me when we were going to put up the fall stuff. As I looked at her, arms laden with autumn leaves and candles, I was confused. As it turns out, I wasn't the only one. After her nap a few hours later, she came down and looked around and said, " Mom, did you put up the decorations?" Clearly I am missing something here. I say, "Well, yes, see? There they are." I slowly spin in place, arms outstretched. "But Mom," she says, "none of them are falling. They are still right where we put them!" :0)