Monday, February 25, 2008


My friend Shannon's blog says "It's a Wonderful Life" and when I found this current song, I began thinking of wonderful things. Thought I would share some: it's wonderful the way new snow smells cold. Have you ever noticed that? Someone who has not experienced snow cannot comprehend that cold can be something experienced through smell, but it's true! It is wonderful the way my hand fits perfectly in my husband's hand. That feeling is so special. How cool that God gave us the ability to intertwine our fingers! :0) It is wonderful the way my children look when they sleep - like they are frozen in a hush of suspended time. Sometimes when I look at them I can see them as tiny newborns again, all bundled and fragile, and other times I see their whole lives rushing by in a flash that leaves me breathless. It is wonderful the way music moves me and touches my heart in a way that transports me. Our ears have such a treat of a job don't they? What a blessing to use music to praise and commune with our Creator! (If you haven't ever heard it, look for the song called The Singer, by David Phelps - truly amazing!) It's wonderful to be given all these senses to experience our days! Oh, Lord, may I never take any of them for granted!

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