Sunday, January 25, 2009


The incongruity of a sunny blue sky and fat floaty snowflakes greets me today. Only God can give my eyes the feast of sun and snow in the same sky! Feathery clouds that are easily pushed on a harsh wintry wind are not usually the ones who carry in their depths the snow that currently dusts the drifts along the sidewalk. What a special blessing to have the showy dance of sun and snow, rays and flakes, winking their flirtatious way through the day today.

As I study the life of Moses this year, one of the many recurring themes is this special setting apart of a day for rest and worship to the Lord. How precious that He has chosen to bless me with the perfect setting for a long rest in a cozy spot by the window, relaxing and wondering at His delightful works.

May your day be one of rest and refreshment and may you find yourself the witness of the wondrous works of a Creative God who delights to share with us His beauty in the snow, His warmth in the sun, His power in the wind, and His playfulness in the joining of them all at once!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Over the weekend, we spent some time playing in the snow and walking on our frozen lake. There is something breathtaking about standing in a place that only months ago we were racing by in our boat. This time, instead of pulling a skier or kids on a tube, were bundled against the cold and had set out on foot.

At my husband's suggestion, I wore his ski gloves. He correctly pointed out that all of my pairs of gloves and mittens are equally fashionable and useless for a cold January day in the snow. They did not match my coat, but what did I care on an icy deserted lake with my family? A little bit of chivalry at work, ladies and gentleman.

The two older boys were the most pink cheeked of all due the the exertion of the sledding before our little walk on water. Their gloves were soaking, no doubt, on the outside, but the lack of complaints led me to believe that either they were numb from the onset of frostbite, or the cozy fleece lining was holding up.

My daughter insists on wearing crocheted (or are they knitted?) mitten, on which the snow encrusts almost instantly and makes a big frozen mess of her mittens to the point that it looks like she is carrying around big snow balls. The benefit, as she apparently sees it, is that she can snack on the icy snow that is now literally at her fingertips!

My youngest was clad in red and blue and his thumbs weren't even in the proper place in his mittens but he didn't care. What mattered to him was that his mittened hand was safe inside his daddy's big gloved one.

I am reminded that the snow out there on the frozen lake, unblemished by man nor beast, was last touched by God Himself. As I stood there and let that soak in, I was breathless and not just from the cold. The One who created me in His image, who sent His Son to live and die and live again so my heart could be as white as this snow, is the only One to have touched that fresh blanket of white out there. Awesome.

I pray that, like my tiny son, with his hand safely tucked inside his daddy's, I will not forget that my Father in Heaven draws me to place my hand in His and consider the wondrous works of God.

Enjoy the snow and remember to give praises to the One who made it.