Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today was one of those days when I needed my tennis shoes on to keep me movin'. It was a full, busy day, and, like the whole week really, it sometimes felt like I was taking two steps forward, one step back all day long. Ever have one of those days? I know I accomplished much, but I am left feeling like the man in Robert Frost's poem from last week, with "miles to go before I sleep." We are about to embark on a trip to Africa, and the preparations are many. However, the day to day stuff is still there, so the minutes sail by on a swift current and often pass in a blur. I find myself ever-so thankful for lists, and laptops, and little red cans of Coke! ;0)

In the midst of the hurried plans of this big event, I don't want to miss the ordinary. My six year-old lost a tooth yesterday (pictures to follow soon). My baby is speaking simple, simple sentences ("mama, more ball" which means "mama please get the ball that has fallen beyond my reach"). My daughter is going with one grandma to her first play on Saturday (Cinderella) and she is wearing her special, princess dress, handmade by her other grandma. My oldest is avidly trying to learn as much French as he can in the next two weeks because they speak French in Togo. He's nine, but knowing him, he will be conversing like a pro!

My wish and my prayer for you this week is the same one I pray for myself. May the monotony of our busy, daily lives be sprinkled with moments so ordinary and yet so memorable that we sit up and take notice. May we be full of big plans, because God has big plans for us, and may we be touched by the simple, because He cares about the smallest things, too.

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Mom said...

I would be scared to death for my only child and her precious family on this trip if I didn't know Who's eye is on the sparrow and that He will hold you all in His very capable hands.