Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Fun

Sand between my toes (and in my bathing suit, but no harm done)
Underwear for the two and a half year-old (who am I kidding - he says he doesn't want to sit on the potty, but I sure would like to get over this hurdle this summer!)
Miles of beach for excavation and architecture and building (read: sandcastles)
Miles of fresh water for jumping, swimming, splashing, cooling off - aaahh!
Extended evenings for peaceful lounging (love that long lasting daylight - but wait - it is almost bedtime for the kids! Yikes! Am I the only one for whom that sneaks up in the summer?!)
Riding bikes all over town just because we can (Ace Hardware has free popcorn - seems like a good enough reason for an outing to me!)

amily time (Monday nights at the beach anyone? Bring your own meat to grill and a dish to pass...)
USA network (I know this is lame, but I am addicted to this show called In Plain Sight - about the witness protection program - love Mary McCormack)
Nothing on the calendar (there are far more of these days lately and we are loving it!)

1 comment:

Auntie Carol said...

Very insightful and sounds like you are accomplishing a goal of making this a summer to remember.

I also love that show "In Plain Sight" - have been a fan from the beginning last year. ha ha