Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The kids and I enjoyed a perfectly blissful four and a half hours at the beach today. The water was surprisingly warm, the sun was ever-so hot, the sky its dutiful blue. As always I sink my toes into wet sand and my senses are filled with so many little treasures of distant but not forgotten days when I was the little one playing in the gentle surf, getting sand in all manner of places! What a treat to see my own children enjoy the rhythmic waves, the soft sand, the coolness of Lake Michigan. Even the greedy gulls cannot snatch us out of this cocoon of hazy, lazy summer fun! They may sneak a sandy crust of peanut butter sandwich or the cheesy remains of a scattered Cheeto after we leave, but for now the pleasure is all ours! We giggle and jump as we strip off our T-shirts, toss our flip flops and splash our way into the lake for the first time. I well remember the feeling of sheer joy and sweet contentment that I see on their sunscreen and sand streaked faces and I am pleased to say that even this thirty-something mother of four was able to set aside the demands of a busy household for a few hours and bask in the glow of a perfect June day! Praise God for this flawless view from my beach chair! Thank you, Father, for the coolness of the fresh water on my sun kissed skin. We will go to bed tonight with a bit of sand in our hair, a hint of warmth on our pink shoulders, and the sweet call of birds and waves and other revelers echoing in our sleepy heads. Here's to a day of accomplishing nothing at all and enjoying every minute of it!

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