Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Family Member

No, we aren't expecting a baby! Our newest member is the four legged kind. As many of you know, we said goodbye to our dear dog, Sadie, in September, after she had been a sweet part of our lives for more than fifteen years. There was a void around our house after she was gone, and we miss her still!

Having no intention to get another dog any time soon, we recently found ourselves smitten (I admit, for me it was love at first sight) with the face of a big puppy we saw online. Louise (note name change below) was rescued, along with her eleven puppies!!! She was in a foster home, and this young mama (she is about a year old) was the last dog to be adopted from the rescue. As a friend said, how do you not love a dog that watched all her babies get adopted and was left behind?!

So, we have had her about a week and we are thoroughly enjoying her. We are reminded that there are many life lessons for children to learn from having an animal in the house. What rich teaching moments we can have as we take turns walking her and filling her food and water dishes, play with her, and watch out for one who doesn't really have a voice of her own.

Molly is our new special addition. What fun for us and what sweet timing God has as He places conversations and contacts in our days just when we don't know we need them!

She is a Great Dane and, though she could very well be on her way to around 100 pounds, she is still very much a puppy! That is a Granny Smith Apple she has been playing with for about a half an hour!

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