Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I offer my long absence from this keyboard as evidence that I have had a busy few weeks! My husband and I have decided that May rivals December for the most busy month. Calendar squares sport scribbled engagements and scrawled events until there is no more room to be found! Do you find your spring equally hectic? I say, bring on the lazy hazy days of summer! Yes - bring THEM ON!

In the hustle of programs and projects, field trips and field days, graduations and grandparents days, spring soccer and Saturday showers (the bridal and baby variety), I have discovered a few questions rolling around in my foggy brain along with dates and time, deadlines and destinations.

Here they are at complete random (not sure I have the braincells to organize them at this point!)

How is it possible that my fifth grader is still forgetting to take his trumpet to school? They have been at this for a good nine months now...

Who keeps using up all the toothpaste/toilet paper/Kleenex/milk/cereal/bread when I feel like we are NEVER HERE?

Isn't it too much to ask for my family to expect to be fed three times a day? Really.

When the squirrel eats a hole in the blue plastic garbage bin, isn't his little tummy too full to eat the refuse within? What is the point, then, of all that work?

Why does my boys' room smell like a bologna sandwich (we don't even eat bologna!)

How can it be 32 degrees and 72 degrees all in one day? Is God joking? I know He has a great sense of humor. I have four children.

Why is the maid such a slacker on the stuff that I hate to do the most? (Emptying the dishwasher, putting away clean laundry) Doesn't she know she is making it that much more bothersome for me? (You understand, that she is a hypothetical maid that has yet to show her face or fanny)

Why can't teachers at one school talk to each other so I don't have to choose which field trip to attend on an given day?

Why do I still have to get on the treadmill, when it feels like I have been on one all week?

When I do work out, why do I want to take a nap when I am done - where are those endorphins that are supposed to energize me?

How does my husband still think I am beautiful when I know I need a shower/clean shirt/swipe of lipstick? (I know...because he loves me - still, it is great and it boggles my mind!)

Why do I get to live in this great country full of freedoms that people had to die to ensure?

Why did God choose to bless me so abundantly?

Why do I forget to trust HIM?

Why do I sometimes neglect my time with God, when I know that is the most important thing I can do with my time?

Why does my two year-old talk so much about the potty, but can't seem to actually use it?

Why is a bed of lettuce and greens with some veggies and dressing so much yummier when someone else makes it (like at a restaurant)?

Why does my neighbor still have a Christmas wreath on her front door?

When do I get to take a nap???

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