Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Silly Anniversary

To prove that we understand (and practice what we preach) that laughter is a big part of making our marriage work...another eleven points to observe on our big day.

Acting your age is overrated; having fun together isn't!
Nothing says I love you like putting down the toilet seat.
Nobody likes to clean those toilets, but somebody's got to do it!
If you smell it, you change it (works with diapers, garbage, etc.)
Vacuuming is men's work (it's a power tool, right?)
Empty ice trays do not a happy marriage make.
Road trips aren't for sissies.("I thought you said you had looked at the map?")
Spice is nice.
Another year is always worth celebrating! (it's been fourteen! can you believe we were only eleven when we got married?!)
Running out of gas doesn't really ruin the engine, but it might ruin the evening.
Yelling is no good, unless it is at a sporting event on on a roller coaster! Yahooooo!

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